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Polmac (UK) Ltd

Custom-made, wood presentation boxes, promotional boxes and gift boxes

Polmac (UK) Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of custom made, wood presentation boxes, promotional boxes & gift boxes, including a wide range of exclusive wood packaging products, such as counter top and promotional display stands.Polmac also supplies and helps companies develop creative, promotional and point of sale (P.O.S) wood merchandise.

Polmac’s wood presentation boxes are beautifully made, versatile and terrific value, transforming a simple bottle or jar into an exquisite gift, or a luxurious presentation pack, to maximise your company branding and boost product sales. We use a variety of woods and wood based materials, depending on the specification required. We can help you design and personalise your wooden boxes, to suit your exact requirements, at no extra cost.

Polmac boxes are supplied with stunning wood and colour stain finishes, vibrant block colours, clear lacquer finishes and luxuriant internal fabric linings. All Polmac boxes can be supplied with printed text and logos and even polished metal plates, providing that allimportant personal touch, to make your products stand out from the crowd.

Whisky boxes, food and drink boxes, aromatherapy and homeopathy boxes.

Polmac (UK) Ltd can offer you complete flexibility when designing your wood presentation boxes, to suit your specific products. We supply wood presentation boxes and packaging for a wide range of premium quality products, including whisky boxes, food and drink boxes, promotional boxes, aromatherapy & homeopathy boxes, children’s boxes and many more.

Our decorated, wood boxes are truly eye-catching. They can be hand carved, decorated with pyrographic designs and delicate brass strip inlays and finished with wonderfully translucent, wood stain and colour stain finishes. They can also be lined with beautiful silk, flock and hessian fabric linings, providing that extra finishing touch.

We carefully source our wood and wood products from sustainable and managed forests, to protect the environment. Each wooden box is assembled by our specialist craftsmen, using traditional, semi-automated craft methods, to maintain the highest possible quality standards.

You can choose your design from existing patterns, or we can work with you to produce a new and exciting design for your specific products, to maximise your company's brand impact and to boost product sales.

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